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Advertising: Global Portfolio

echonet's global portfolio consists of websites that operate at least for several continents and countries.

Globus - Weltkugel / Globe © William Navarro / Unsplash (FyeVOF4P4YI)

Websites in the Portfolio of echonet

Worldwide Portfolio

Apart from the local structures and information and entertainment offers in individual countries, we also have a global portfolio for websites that are at least intended for visitors on several continents. Most of these websites are also multilingual. Multilingual websites do not necessarily require an internationalization of websites. The echonet agency's narrow portfolio (direct marketing rights) includes the following websites with their respective banner advertising spaces:

Advertising Space as Banners and classic Online Advertising

For these projects, we offer a corresponding solution to present yourself with banner advertising on these projects via our professional ad server. As you can see from the list of websites, there are already numerous subject groups that can be of interest to various providers around the world. We also set up appropriate geo-targeting for your advertising - especially for the international platforms listed here.

Global Native Advertising

Many of our pages for the target market also give advertisers the option of booking online advertising in the form of native advertising. Small boxes are made available, which are priced according to relevance and demand for the domain. The prices are always per year, the advertising package is specifically integrated into all sub-pages and then also appears in the source code. There are therefore no ad trackers behind it, but your advertising actually becomes part of the website.

This also has positive effects on the search engine optimization of the advertiser's website.

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