Funeral for Mobile-Only-Website

Viennese digital agency echonet buries the mobile only website of echonet. A different kind of a funeral.

Begräbnis / Beerdigung für mobile Webseiten - m.echonet.at © echonet communication

Funeral for the mobile Website of echonet

"Sad but true: We loved our mobile website especially made with love in Vienna for the users of smartphones. But finally we have to decide living without a mobile website, becaus the time is over.", is the summary of echonet CEO Roland Vidmar about mobile websites. In the past, echonet used strictly the same content-management-system for delivering the content to both, the desktop and the mobile edition of a website. But it is an outdated technology to deliver different websites on different urls for different devices.

After launching a number of responsive websites for echonet clients like the UniCredit Art Forum in Vienna or the ambient media company "Freecard", the "Generation Blu"-website for the Austrian Ministery of Sustainability or the new website for the public relations agency leisure communication, echonet had to realize that the time for mobile only websites is over.

364 Different Screen Resolutions 

Nearly every new mobile or touch device seems to have a new screen resolution - to be honest, even 2 different resolutions per device, one in portrait mode and the other in landscape mode - are recognized at the website of echonet. Differnt smartphones, Smart-TVs, Tablets, Sub-Notebooks, Laptops and even board computers of cars and vehicles are visible in the statistics of the echonet website. "Who knows which devices come up next? Alone in 2012 we had 364 different screen resolutions logged in our files.", echonet CEO Vidmar explains the situation.

Responsive Webdesign: One Page for all Users!

The key feature of responsive webdesign as echonet uses it, is to deliver one url regardless of the device. While social media platforms are still growing also the usage of different devices there raises. And if you post a link from your smartphone, somebody else clicks it on a desktop computer. Many websites face the problem of showing an awful layout then, because the mobile websites of many, even big media companys, seem like being made for the early 1990s... 

Using responsive webdesign instead of separate editions of the website, also makes the urls transferable to other devices.

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