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Innovative for secure - and responsive

The Austrian Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) is the market-leading technology partner of the Austrian public sector. The company is working on digital systems for the public. The services are for example the tax and finance online system which is used by nearly 5 million people. The BRZ hired echonet communication for the realisation on the tasks in HTML and CSS for it's new website. echonet had to deliver a strict, responsive webdesign as well as highest possible accessibility.

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Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH

Responsive Webdesign

The BRZ (Austrian Federal Computing Centre) requested for a high level responsive webdesign. Not only because of more and more of their customers use smartphones and tablets, but also because potential employees should bel reached on every possible device.

Accessibility by Default

In the governmental area the time is over when accessibilty could be provided by an alternative version of the website. So the BRZ set a high standard for accessiblity on it's website, echonet delivered and consulted also on the foregoing of the project in this matter.

Bundesrechenzentrum | | 2018 (Mobile Floating) © echonet communication
Bundesrechenzentrum | | 2018 (Mobile) © echonet communication