Go Cuba Go - Taxi and Airport Transfer in Cuba

Go Cuba Go

Need a taxi service in Havanna or want to be driven through Cuba for your round-trip of this magnificent island? GoCubaGo provides you Airport Transfer and Taxi Services in Havanna and all the great cities and towns of Cuba.

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Visit Cuba?

Transport and taxi services at the island of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea provided by echonet and our partner agency directly from Vienna, Austria. The website gocubago.com offers Airporttransfer and taxiservices in Havanna and all the other big cities of Cuba like Viñales, Holguin, Trinidad or Varadero. Our booking engine allows people from around the world to book their transfer services and avoid being stuck in queues at the Havanna International Airport waiting for the money exchange service and trying to catch a cab then.

You can not only book Airport Transfer in Havanna but also Taxi services between different locations in Cuba, if you are doing a round trip on the island. The fully responsive website is built upon the echonet made content-management system »content.life«. The fact that the website is fully responsive gives you access to the site with every device. And you do not need to add a native application to your smartphone operating system - just the browser makes is shine!

Corporate Identity and Design

Logo, corporate identiy, colors, typo and webdesign were created and chosen by the design-team of echonet. The front-end is based on the modified echonet template system. Starting with different ideas, we finally created a corporate design for the whole project.

Development of the Logo

To fit and satisfy somehow the need of the project and it's customers, we created a logo which indicates the cuban lifestyle people expect. The red star as a typical cuban symbol and the traditional american style old-timer car as an icon, in which people very often want to drive.

Go Cuba Go | gocubago.com | 2018 (Phone) © echonet communication GmbH

Behind the Scene: content.life as CMS

For the bookings, the workflows behind the bookings and also for the classic content we used the echonet content-management-system »content.life«. It not only is responsible for the content, text, images, media on the website but also for the workflow and the progress of the clients bookings and databases like drivers, cards, cities, routes and the well known private accomodations "Casa Particular".

Advertising & Sponsoring

echonet created also online banners and advertisements for GoCubaGo to attract new customers to the service, which is unique in Cuba, because we have with our partners the contacts with many drivers and therefore have the power to cover a huge amount of requests. GoCubaGo is also since 2019 the main sponsor of a sports team in Austria: The successful acting beachvolleyball team "Winter / Hörl".

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